The sports program at St. John Bosco is an integral part of the Parish community life and shares its basic tenets in common with the entire Parish community. Those principles include the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, moral and physical growth of each child. Within the context of organized sports, the program seeks to nurture those principles through the development of basic athletic skills, physical fitness, team play and good sportsmanship in a competitive athletic environment. The climate within which that development will best succeed must be characterized by fun for all participants. Such fun will come from an emphasis by all parents, coaches and administrators on the development of the child, both as an athlete and as an individual, while maintaining the proper pespective on both winning and losing. The true measure of success of this sports program will come in the personal growth of the individual athletes and the enjoyment they experience as they participate.


At this time we regretfully announce that we  do not have enough children to participate in a sports program here at St. John Bosco. Please feel free to try the other local churches in the neighborhood. If the need would arise at a later date we would evaluate starting it up again.


For all those who played, coached, volunteered or just came out to support the team, THANK YOU!


The SJB's Protecting God's Children compliance officer email is
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