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ATN Second Draft Models 2/8/23
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All Things New Update 2/1/2023
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All Things New Parish Feedback Summary
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The attached update on All Things New includes information on the online survey with helpful hints on completing the survey. This update also provides general information regarding the initiative and how St John Bosco is beginning preparations for Mission--the New Evangelization. This update will also be included as an insert in the 12/4 bulletin.

All Things New Parish Update 12-1-22.pdf
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Thanks to all who participated in the DMI Survey last spring.


Review survey highlights and the DMI survey results PDF below to discover what makes the people of St. John Bosco Parish unique in our journey of faith.


Highlights of the Disciple Maker Index Survey Results

  • 67% of those who attend Mass on the weekends participated in the survey.
  • 71% of those who participated in the survey regard their relationship with Jesus as the most important part of their spiritual journey.
  • 88% believe in the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.
  • 88% also agree that Sacred Scripture is the Word of God.


Two important questions are listed at the end of the survey. Each parishioner is asked how they feel regarding:

  1. Top priorities for evangelization in our parish (youth ministry, family ministry, adult formation, etc.)
  2. Top priorities for community outreach (St. Vincent de Paul Conference, parish food pantry, parish service projects, etc.)


DMI Results for St. John Bosco
DMI Results Share and Feedback v3.pdf
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