“Education is one of the most effective ways of making our world and history more human. Education is above all a matter of love and responsibility handed down from one generation to another.”
Pope Francis

How to Talk with Teens about Building Strong Relationships


If you are seeking practical, caring, and experienced help in any of your relationships, Healing Wounded Relationships is an excellent companion for your journey.

Calendar for Parish School of Religion
Revised 10/22/2021
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Revised 10/22/2021
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Loyola Press - Finding God

Loyola Press' e-newsletters are designed to nurture adult faith and spirituality in a practical, accessible, and environmentally friendly way. The e-format of these newsletters makes them convenient for parents to read.


Finding God 

January - February 2022:  Inside this edition you can explore:

Love Is More Than “I Love You”: A sense of family—or kinship—isn’t limited to blood relations alone.

I’m Sorry!: Forgiveness binds families together.

Jesus Shares His Kingdom: With God’s grace, our families can reflect the Kingdom of Heaven.

Where can I find God’s kingdom?: Seek God’s will and you will find God’s kingdom.


Los boletines electrónicos de Loyola Press están diseñados para fomentar la fe y la espiritualidad de los adultos de una manera práctica, accesible y respetuosa con el medio ambiente. El formato electrónico de estos boletines los hace convenientes para que los padres los lean.


Encontando a Dios

Enero / Febrero 2022: Dentro de esta edición puedes explorar:

El amor va más allá de un “te quiero”: Un sentido de familia, o parentesco, no se limita solo a las relaciones de sangre. 

¡Lo siento!:El perdón une a las familias.

Jesús comparte su Reino: Con la gracia de Dios, nuestra familia puede reflejar el Reino de los cielos.

¿Dónde puedo encontrar el Reino de Dios?: Busque la voluntad de Dios y encontrará el Reino de Dios.

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Luke 4:21-30
Jesus is rejected in his hometown of Nazareth.

This Sunday we read from the Gospel of Luke, continuing immediately from last week's Gospel. Recall that in last Sunday's Gospel, Jesus read from the prophet Isaiah and announced that this Scripture was now fulfilled. In today's Gospel, we learn that the people of Nazareth are impressed by Jesus' words, and yet they seem surprised. They still think of Jesus as merely Joseph's son. They do not expect such words from someone they believe that they know.
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Check out suggested activity ideas to go with this Sunday’s Gospel. Activities are available for Grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-8.

Making the Connection - Gospel Discussions and Activities

Grades 1-3      Grades 4-6       Grades 7-8      Family      

A Free Flip Book for Kids!
This week we highlight the Baptism of the Lord! Learn more about John the Baptist and the day Jesus was baptized in Heroes of the New Testament!
Your Activities from Living Faith Kids
A Free Flip Book for Kids!
In this Sunday's gospel, you will hear the miraculous story of Jesus restoring sight to a blind man named Bartimaeus. Learn more about the healing miracles of Jesus this week!
Just the right book for young children ages 5-8 all about the Mass. Including colorful artwork, Mass prayers and rites.
Your Activities from Living Faith Kids
A Free Flip Book for Kids!
As you pray the Rosary this week, remember: The Rosary is an easy way to remember both the words of the Bible and the most important stories from the life of Jesus. The prayers that make up the Rosary are very simple, and most of the words come right from the Bible!

 Parish School of Religion (PSR) Forms for the Academic Year 21/22

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HISTORIA de la Salud del Alumno y Formul[...]
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A Free Flip Book for Kids!
Back to school with a new list of rules and guidelines? God's gift of the Ten Commandments are the best rules to live by. Learn About the Ten Commandments this week!
A Free Flip Book for Kids!
Heading back to school after summer break? Heading back into your church after time spent worshiping from home? Keep your eyes open for What I See In Church!
A Free Flip Book for Kids!
Jesus said, "I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever." Learn more about the bread Jesus offers us in the pages of Receive the Lord.
From the Introductory Rites to the concluding Rites of the Mass, this illuminating booklet helps us explore the sacred mystery that is the source and summit of our Catholic life. 
Author, pediatrician and religious educator Pat Fosarelli's booklet, Let's Talk About Bullying, provides a faith-centered way for parents and children to open up with each other about bullying.
KIDS CORNER (flipbooks)
Your Activity from Living Faith Kids
A Free Flip Book for Kids!
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This Sunday, we celebrate the Good Shepherd, Jesus! We follow where our shepherd leads knowing that Jesus Loves Me!

From the beginning of his papacy, Pope Francis has devoted much of his attention to the family. At World Youth Day in Brazil in 2013, he spoke often and profoundly to young people about faith and family, noting in one instance: "How precious is the family as the privileged place for transmitting the faith!"


With Pope Francis Celebrates Faith and Familywe honor family life and Pope Francis' commitment to the important role families play in nurturing our faith in God.

For more activities for Children, be sure to visit the Faith Fun & Games page of our website.

Music ©John Burland/Ovation Music Video ©Heidi Witte and Mark Witte, published exclusively by Pflaum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc. To order John's music, visit bayardfaithresources.com or at Pflaum.com (links). Visit Miss Heidi HERE.

We share with you the official "Yes, Lord, I Believe" music video, featuring faith-filled children from around the world, whose voices proclaim the Good News with joy and exuberance! Heartfelt thanks to the 50+ Kids' Liturgy viewers who participated in this project, and, as always, we are grateful to John Burland, for composing such inspiring and uplifting religious and liturgical pieces for children and families

Celebrate Our Lady of Lourdes this Thursday, February 11, with the colorful activities in Learning About Mary.
Your Activity from Living Faith Kids
Your Activity from Living Faith Kids
A Free Flip Book for Kids!
In Sunday's gospel, Jesus performs some of his first miracles: healing Peter's mother-in-law and many other sick and afflicted people. What other Miracles of Jesus do you know?
Coloring Page of the Week
A Free Flip Book for Kids!
In Sunday's Gospel, John the Baptist calls Jesus "The Lamb of God" who takes away the sin of the world. Learn more about Jesus, who is both the Lamb of God and our Good Shepherd!

The Gift of Love · John Burland.
Celebrating the Sacraments
℗ 2010 John Burland

John is Bayard's national music consultant.
Click here to know more about John.
Your Activity from Living Faith Kids
A Free Flip Book for Kids!
We celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary today, October 7! Learn how to pray the Rosary and about the special meaning of this prayerful practice in the Praying the Rosary sticker booklet!
Coloring Page of the Week
Children Celebrate is a ready-to-use, year-round program that can make Liturgy of the Word with Children an age-appropriate, faith-building worship experience for the children at home and in your parish. It now includes videos for each Sunday that coordinate with the lesson materials.

Catholic Digest: The Father Provides A Must Read Article!!

Praying for Our Priests Craft
Priests need our prayers, but do we always remember to pray for them by name? This craft available on Catechist.com allows children to create a mini-version of their parish priest that will serve as reminder to pray for that holy man by name.

The Order of the Mass

To support families in the participation of the Mass visit, https://www.rclbenziger.com/order-mass-act-spiritual-communion. It is available in both Spanish and English.

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