Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children

Heavenly Father, Creator of all Life,

We thank you for the gift of Life

that you have given to each of us.

You have made us Your children,

and filled us with Your Holy Spirit.

We turn to You now, Our Father,

to ask for Your protection for

our unborn brothers and sisters.

We pray that mothers and fathers

will place the Life of their unborn children

above their own needs and wants.

We pray that family and community members

will offer their support for unborn children.

We pray that the well-being of both mother and child

will be the focus of all health care workers.

And we pray that government leaders

will seek ways to uphold the dignity of human life.

We place all these prayers before you

through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Taken from the website of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Toledo.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity *January 18-25*

The theme for the 2021 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is “Abide in My Love…You Shall Bear Much Fruit.” It was discerned by the Monastic Community of Grandchamp in Switzerland and

finds its origins in the Gospel of John (cf. John 15:1-17).

“Jesus gave his life for all out of his love for all,” said Fr. James Loughran, SA, Director of Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute (GEII). “To abide in his love reminds us that we live in a community celebrating our gift of unity.” (from the website of the Graymoor Ecumenical and Interreligious Institute)


For resources for prayer, visit Prayer- Bayard Faith Resources


Prayer is the voice of faith, trusting that God knows and cares. 

General Prayer for the Week of Christian Unity *Jan 18-25*


Gracious Lord,

we pray for all the members of your holy Church, that all may abide in you and you in them, that they may be one in your love and bear much fruit. We also pray for the world, that all may come to believe in your love for them by the fruit of our witness. We know that our divisions are a source of scandal to your world, and we know that in love we are called to unite as one in the vine and branches. The vine is our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son. We are meant to be his branches. Help us we pray, to love, to forgive, to seek justice and to be your prophetic voice in the world. May your grace effect growth of good fruit among us, that our world may realize peace. We ask all this in the name of Jesus, your Son and in the power of the Holy Spirit, One God, for ever and ever. Amen.


Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute Garrison, NY 10524-0300

Daily Prayers for the Week of Christian Unity


January 22, Day 5

Letting oneself be transformed by the Word: “You have already been pruned by the word...” (John 15:3)



  • Deuteronomy 30:11-20, The word of God is very close to you
  • Matthew 5:1-12, Blessed are you


The Word of God is very close to us. It is a blessing and a promise of happiness. If we open our hearts, God speaks to us and patiently transforms that which is dying in us. God removes that which prevents the growth of real life, just as the vine grower prunes the vine.

Regularly meditating on a biblical text, alone or in a group, changes our outlook. Many Christians pray the Beatitudes every day. The Beatitudes reveal to us a happiness that is hidden in that which is unfulfilled, a happiness that lies beyond suffering: blessed are those who, touched by the Spirit, no longer hold back their tears but let them flow and thus receive consolation. As they discover the wellspring hidden within their inner landscape, the hunger for justice, and the thirst to engage with others for a world of peace, grows in them.

We are constantly called to renew our commitment to life, through our thoughts and actions. There are times when we already taste, here and now, the blessing that will be fulfilled at the end of time.


Blessed are you, God our Father, for the gift of your word in Holy Scripture. Blessed are you for its transforming power. Help us to choose life and guide us by your Spirit, so that we can experience the happiness which you want so much to share with us. Amen.


For the prayers for the week, click on the title above or download the pdf found below.

Eight Days of Prayer for Chritian Unity.[...]
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Virtual Ecumenical Prayer Service

Join Archbishop Rozanski and our St. Louis Christian communities in prayer on Sunday, January 31 from 7 to  8 p.m. We will pray for unity as we strive to abide in God's love in order to bear much fruit. This virtual prayer event will allow us to enter over a dozen St. Louis area churches (including St. John Bosco) as we pray together for Christ's unity among us. To register for the prayer service webinar, visit the Archdiocesan website.


Daily Devotions from Living Faith -JANUARY 21, 2021 (ST. AGNES)

He told his disciples to have a boat ready for him because of the crowd, so that they would not crush him. Mark 3:9

Lord, when others’ needs heavily press us, help us imitate you—recognize limits, PRAY AND PLAN



"Let us not tire of invoking the light and strength of the Holy Spirit, so that he may help us to experience ordinary things with love and thereby render them extraordinary. It is love that transforms: ordinary things seem to continue being ordinary, but when they are done with love they become extraordinary. If we remain open, docile, to the Spirit, he inspires our daily thoughts and actions."

Pope Francis   ANGELUS JANUARY 10, 2021

O my God,

fill my soul with holy joy, courage and strength to serve You.

Enkindle Your love in me and then

walk with me along the next stretch of road before me.
I do not see very far ahead,

but when I have arrived where the horizon now closes down,
a new prospect will open before me,

and I shall meet with peace.


-Prayer of St. Edith Stein


In Peace Begins With Us, author Connie Clark offers  ideas, prayers and activities to help us start bringing peace back into our homes.

Each of these 30 exercises provides preparation for prayer, a brief reflection, guidelines for entering the Scripture passage, and a beautiful closing prayer.


January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

The song “We Sing for Freedom” was inspired by the life of St. Josephine Bakhita. Her strong faith carried her through slavery and beyond. The entire journey of her life is a remarkable witness to faith. After finding out about her, singer-songwriter John Burland was deeply moved and inspired to write this song. He wanted “We Sing for Freedom” to be an anthem for freedom with a focus on human trafficking and modern-day slavery. The song also draws on Scripture: “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”(Galatians 5:1). From the album, All Are Welcome Here.


How do you explain the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit to teens?
Through the extraordinary stories of beloved saints in this wonderful book!

Jesus is truly the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. He is also our loving Good Shepherd. May the devotions in The Lord is My Shepherd guide you closer to the Lamb of God this week.

Is it possible to carry on good conversations with people with whom we disagree?
Lorene Duquin's latest booklet can help!


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This powerful encyclical is Pope Francis’ “cry from the heart” to all people of the earth

to see beyond their differences and begin to grow together to build a new and peaceful world.


Chocked full of stories and questions to reflect upon,

this book is a must-have for any caregiver who seeks nourishment in their call.


Learn to "Cultivate Joy" in this excerpt from the new book
by beloved author Fr. Joe Sica.


People from 5 continents, professional or amateur musicians and singers, join together to sing and play Amazing Grace to give hope to those who despair, console those who mourn, and encourage those who are on the frontline!
#humansvscovid #virtualchoir


In a world beset by the ugliness of war, greed, and injustice,

we all need to seek, find, and let our hearts rest in the experience of beauty.

 Click on picture to read the compelling story of the man behind the beloved hymn. 

Each of us are called to be Witnesses to God’s love and “Arise and Go Out” and share the Good news with others. 

Official video for "Arise and Go Out" from John Burland's album "ARISE".

This poignant and often humorous collection of prayers will keep Jesus "at your side" to help with the ups and downs of daily life!
Whether your loss is recent or not, reflect on these thoughtful Prayers for Time of Loss as you remember and pray for all those who have gone before us this month.
Gerald Straub's dramatic story is a modern-day pilgrimage into the prayerful heart of St. Francis of Assisi.
In her booklet Modern Day Saints, author Amy Welborn writes that the saints help us understand the gospel and, most importantly, how to live it, even in the modern age.
Fr. Tracy O'Sullivan explores how we petition God and what hinders our authentic prayer in this engaging booklet filled with stories and insights. 
Love God. Love my neighbor. These are the greatest commandments. In The Joy of Mercy, Fr. Joe Kempf provides a warm invitation to live out our love for God and neighbor each and every day.


Sr. Melannie Svoboda is  just one of the many authors in this beautiful book where popular writers share their thoughts and reflections on a favorite Scripture quote.


Though our workplaces may look different this year, it is good to remember that we are able to keep (and share) our faith while engaged in our vocation. The brief reflections in Keeping the Faith in the Workplace provide inspiration to your work day.
In a crisp, reader-friendly style, Sister Janet sets forth countless insights on aging drawn from Scripture, her own experience, and her rich interaction with others.
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Amazing Grace, sung by Fr. Rob Galea feat. Maria Legayada.

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Praying the Peace Prayer of St. Francis can be a valuable exercise, in October, in Lent, any time anxiety and unrest is present. These reflections help in that prayerful practice.

Liturgist and award-winning author Glenn Byer reflects on ways to deepen our experience of Eucharist whether we are present in Church or at home, in this webinar from the Living with Christ Webinar Series

For a limited time, save 20% off Glenn Byer's books and ALL Living with Christ resources on with promo code GLENNBYER.

Being a good worker in God's kingdom includes stewardship of time, talent and treasure. This book of prayers focuses on that good stewardship.
Reassuring and full of wise and practical suggestions, this lovely book makes a perfect gift for newly married couples. 

Gratia Plena, sung by Andrea Bocelli (From The Soundtrack Of “Fatima”).
Learn more about the film, here.


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